Before and After – Basement Shelving


Never underestimate the importance of good basement organization. Often ignored and largely unvisited, our basements can give us that sense of lurking clutter chaos that always seems to nag, nag, nag. And then of course, when you spend hours trying to find your high school yearbook, your first 45 single, or that beloved Christmas ornament, your basement becomes your sworn enemy.

But fear no more! With a few easy tips and tricks (and a helluva lot of good storage solutions!), you can conquer your basement and reclaim the space as yours – an underground organized heavenly haven.

Click through our gallery to see a ShipShape Basement transformation, and check out our tips and favorite products below.

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ShipShape Tips:

The key to staying organized is to create a storage zone for each area of your home. Here are some suggested areas to include:

  •  Household/Tools/Maintenance
  • Pantry/Kitchen
  • Closets/Linen Closets
  • Toys/Kid’s clothing
  • Travel
  • Office/Tax Records/Memorabilia

How does ShipShape achieve this mission to clutter control? Using our favorite organizational products:



2 thoughts on “Before and After – Basement Shelving

  1. Julie

    And for us basementless West Coasters, these look like good tips for our garage…which hasn’t seen a car in it for decades

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