Spring Cleaning!



Ever wonder why we all seem to have the urge to purge once winter subsides?  Do the blooming flowers crowding our sidewalks remind us of the blooming disaster in our closet? While we ponder the possibilities, here’s a quick ShipShape history lesson! In addition to being an event in your home, spring cleaning has also traditionally been a part of both Iranian and Jewish culture.

  • In Iran, before the vernal equinox (considered a new year or Now Rouz), it is custom to perform the ritual of khaneh takani (literally “shaking the house”). The family home is cleaned from floor to ceiling, every nook and cranny gets a once over. After the “shaking” is over, the new year can safely arrive.
  • For Jews, springtime means Passover, and Passover means time for matzoh! A time to rid your stomach and your house of any leavened bread… and that includes any crumbs! Best way to get rid of unwanted crumbs or chametz? A full house cleaning!

Need inspiration for your spring cleaning? Here are some ShipShape tips and products that might help get your cleaning engine started!

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Click here to learn about some great Green gadgets, perfect for any Spring Cleaner

Click here to learn about some great Green gadgets (with Hoda and Kathie Lee), perfect for any Spring Cleaner!




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