Closet Commandments


We find ourselves at the official kick-off of summer – and what does that mean? Time to evict any sweaters still lurking in your closet! But can you just put one sweater away? Inevitably you find yourself knee-deep in piles and piles, overwhelmed in a heap of clutter.



Here at ShipShape, closets are a specialty. If you’re looking for some tried and true tricks and tips, look no further than our official Closet Commandments!

elle decor darryl carter guest room closet antique door cococozy

1. Thou shall embrace the space. Start by evaluating the physical layout of our closet – are there unused corners? Do you have doors that are blocking usable space? Don’t be afraid to rip those out and start anew. Shelving in closets can be a lifesaver, and beautiful curtains can replace doors to maximize your square footage.

2. Honor and identify the functions. What are you really using your closet for? Not everyone fills their closets with shirts and slacks. Love your shoes? Honor them! Filling your closet with usable space that serves a purpose will certainly lighten your load when it comes to organizing the things you love.

Hello girls!

Hello girls!

3. Thou shall not fear repurposed space. Beyond simply identifying what your closet is currently being used for, think about what it could be. Sometimes a closet can be the perfect home office. With a little bit of elbow grease, and a fabulous splotch color, you could literally be in business!

Now that looks sharp!

Now this space is working!

4.Thou shall not shy away from color. Speaking of color… have a closet in your house that is on full display? Make those dishes sing, and those coats dance with a pop of joyous color. It’ll be quite the conversation piece!

A fabulous Before and After care of ShipShape

A fabulous Before and After care of ShipShape

5. Remember to trust your instincts. There truly is no right and wrong when it comes to your closets. An organized, usable space will always lead to a happy home.

Want to see ShipShape in action? Watch our Closet Makeover video below and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great videos. Don’t you just LOVE the purple closet?

Just can’t get enough ShipShape? Check out our work in this collection of Closet Makeovers (Available on Amazon here)


And just like your closet, we’re constantly re-organizing ourselves! Check out our refreshed website at


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