Finding your Niche



Ah yes, that feeling of finding your purpose in life – finding that spark that sets you apart from all others. Whether you find it in writing, painting, organizing (guilty!), teaching, or killing it on a slick guitar, carving out your place in the world can bring you peace and fulfillment in an infinite number of ways.

Here at ShipShape, we believe that this same idea can be applied not just to our clients, but also to our clients things. More than just “where do you belong?” in terms of organization, our approach to designing that perfect, serene home also includes finding that perfect niche for the items in your home that you hold most dear. After all, while the people that surround you enrich and bring meaning to your life, your things help to tell those stories. Think about that Murano glass vase you picked up while vacationing in Italy… you and your partner sailing across the channels in Venice to that perfect glass shop… painstakingly choosing that perfect vase. Now think about that vase, sitting alone, still packed in bubble wrap, pining away in your attic. Sad, huh?

Yes, of course, that trip to Italy meant more than just one, singular item. But think about that item displayed proudly in a beautiful niche in your home. You casually walk by it everyday, perhaps not even noticing it, and then it catches your eye… and you can almost smell the water of Venice and taste that incredible food. You’re flooded with happy memories. Can’t beat that, huh?

In the mood for pasta?

In the mood for pasta?

Organization is more than just finding a neat and tidy place for your belongings – it’s about making room in your home to proudly display the things that represent who you are. Freed from clutter, and liberated from the dust-filled attic, that vase can now sing the Italy melodies you want to hear everyday – all from the comfort of your mantle, display shelf, niche, whatever!

To further this point, we’ve often heard that all-too-often repeated organizational adage: “If you haven’t used it in a year, let it go.” To which we say – no, no, NO! Sure, if you haven’t used it and it means nothing to you, it should be the first to go. But how would that adage stack up against that dress you bought once while shopping in designer store in Paris (it was too expensive, but so what!), or those shoes you wore during your short stint as a painter post-college, covered in paint splatter and idealistic dreams? Maybe you haven’t worn either in years.. but going through your closet on a rainy day, looking for your raincoat, you stumble upon them and a smile comes to your face. You’re transported!

Might be your best piece of art

Might be your best piece of art

That’s because your items are a part of you – and while letting go of things is always hard, it’s important to hang on to some of those important things because they represent who you were and who you are now. Don’t just let it go like spoiled milk with an expiration date! If it doesn’t feel expired to you – hang on to it, albeit in a neatly organized way, and feel NO GUILT. Your home should have room for these memories, and we’re always happy to help you find it.

Got an item that you can’t part with but don’t know how to display it? Email us, tweet us @sylviashipshape or post on our facebook wall! We’d love to hear from you!

Check out this great piece from the NY Times: “Our Niches, Our Shelves



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