You, Me, the Dog (again!) and Bi-Coastal Living



As bi-coastal, 360 sq. ft-loving professional organizers, you can imagine we field a lot of questions that all boil down to the same common thread: How do you make it work without pulling out all of your hair?

Trust us, it isn’t the easiest thing to live on two coasts, carting our beloved Sundae back and forth, all while occupying a total square footage that would make some of you break out in hives. So how do we handle it? By following these 5 simple, life-saving (and hair-protecting!) tips:

1. Feel at home no matter where you are. Whether you are also living the bi-coastal life, or you find yourself on an extended business trip or travel excursion, make sure you bring the most important things with you. Yes, pack a photo of your loved ones, and your passport (those are no-brainers). What we mean is… bring a piece of YOU with you no matter where you are. For us that means: 2 espresso makers (back to that life-giving idea!), special pillows, favorite snacks, Sundae’s favorite dog toys, and of course, that pair of black pants that make you look fabulous. Bring both the absolute necessities, along with these comfort must-haves, and you’ll never feel out of place.

Ma! Don't forget my laptop!

Ma! Don’t forget my laptop!

2. Keep a travel kit packed at all times. Traveling can be such an ordeal (and we know that’s an understatement). If you know you’ll be going back and forth, do yourself a favor and permanently move some items into a travel kit and let them take up residence there for a while. Here are our travel kit essentials:

  • 2 sets of headphones (1 noise-canceling) photo 2
  • A fully charged iPod
  • Charger cables for all electronics
  • Foldable slippers to wear to the bathroom
  • Inflatable back pillow
  • Pashmina shawl/blanket
  • Compression stockings

And in terms of your toiletries, we suggest:

  • Lip balm
  • Saline nose spray

  • Moisturizer
  • Advil/Motrin/Pain Reliever of choice
  • Decongestion medication
  • Nail file
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Eye mask
  • Ear plugs
  • Onetime use toothbrush

And some important others:

  • Cereal bar
  • Car Service Coupons

3. Create a ritual for your arrival. It can be very disorienting to go between places (especially when time zones are not your friends). Create a ritual for each time you travel, whether it be meeting friends for dinner, taking a yoga class, shopping for groceries or just taking a walk around the block. These rituals will help ground you and work off jet lag. It takes approximately one day for each hour of time difference for your body to acclimate (a great excuse to elongate your trip!). If you are still feeling foggy, don’t worry – you’ll catch up and be at your best in no time.

Sure beats my old datebook!

Sure beats my old datebook!

4. Maintain an online calendar. We swear by Google Calendar (synced up to our smart phones, of course). The ability to check in on your schedule from anywhere, at anytime, is a 21st century luxury that we have fully embraced. Color-coding is a must and creating different categories could not be easier. Not losing track of your appointments (and yourself!) will make traveling or living bi-coastal much less of a headache.

5. Scan your most important documents. We’re talking medical records and legal documents. Scan them, save them to your phone or laptop, and let your emergency contacts know how to quickly locate them. It is particularly important to keep records of your prescriptions, dosages, uses, as well as physician information. These should travel with you wherever you go.


Got any other helpful tips for living in 2, 3, or 4 places at once? Email us, tweet us @sylviashipshape or post on our facebook wall! We’d love to hear from you!

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 9.43.00 AM

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 9.44.03 AM



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