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With the unofficial end of summer at hand, here at ShipShape we are prepping for the upcoming seasons — and all the pumpkin-spiced-gingerbread treats that join us on the ride. Each month brings new adventure (and weather), so here are some tips that we suggest to stay balanced with each new page on your calendar:

Artwork by Story People

Artwork by Story People


Summer is winding down so it’s a good time to evaluate your wardrobe (we’re looking at you tank top that never saw the light of day). Start by organizing your closet by color and item category. Shirts with shirts, blue with blue and so on. Only keep clothes that make you feel your best.

A thing of beauty!

A thing of beauty!

The cooler weather brings the cooking inside after a summer spent with the barbecue. Now that you find yourself pre-heating the oven again, it’s a great opportunity to take stock of your culinary wares. Donate half of your cookbooks and toss your clipped recipes. They are easy to look up online.

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Soon you will find yourself running to the door handing out treats to vampires, witches, pirates, and princesses — and inevitably you’ll pass by that ever-growing stack of mail by the door. Don’t let it haunt you anymore! Recycle magazine and newspapers older than 3 months. You can also donate them to doctors’ offices and hospital waiting rooms.

This idea officially expires on November 1st!

This idea officially expires on November 1st!

You can also cut back on your towering pile of magazines by subscribing to an online magazine service such as or These are the Netflix of magazines. You can access hundreds of magazine online including back issues for a low monthly fee.

And after the kids (and you!) come down from the sugar high, take stock of the playroom. Donate toys and unused toiletries to a homeless shelter. It’s great to ask your kids to pick out which toys they want to donate.


Stocking up for Thanksgiving is filled with last minute panicked purchases — you head out to the crowded market only to find that you still have cans of gravy and cranberry sauce from last year! With turkey time on the way, it’s a good time to go through your pantry and throw out expired items. Remember to check the spice rack too!

Make room in the fridge for leftovers!

Make room in the fridge for leftovers!

And in the true spirit of the holiday, give thanks for all that you have by donating some of those pantry castaways (unexpired items, of course!) to the local food bank.

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Jingle bells will be ringing before you know it, and no matter what holiday you celebrate in the month of December there is one unifying factor in all — stress. Find ways to be good to yourself. Read a book, schedule a massage, take a walk or watch a funny movie.

Even the Elf on the Shelf knows relaxation is important

Even the Elf on the Shelf knows relaxation is important

With holiday cards coming in by the handful (and we love them!), try to avoid the mail stack climbing to new heights. Open the mail over the pail. Keep a recycling pail near by as you’re opening mail to give you a leg up on paper clutter.

You'll have plenty more paper to clean up anyway!

You’ll have plenty more paper to clean up anyway!

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No matter how you spend the next four months, we’re always here to help you declutter your home and your mind. Enjoy the change in season and the hope of a new year!

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