Ship Shape’s Top 10 Organizing Products


We are constantly asked what products we use for our clients (and what products we use ourselves!). Here’s a handy list of our top 10 most-used, most-loved, and most-helpful products.

1. Metro Shelf
Nearly every basement or garage we have ever done has sported these or a similar shelving system. Why you might ask? It’s sturdy, reliable and adjustable.. simply, it’s the perfect foil for getting things off the ground. Did we mentioned that lockable castors are their secret power? (Container Store)
Easy and sleek!

Easy and sleek!

2. Shelf Divider
Whether it’s a slide-on metal or acrylic version used in a closet or an installed variety in a kitchen, we love to divide a shelf into compartments and sections. Items stored will stand up straighter, making them easier to see, and easier to retrieve and put back. (
Those bags look beautiful!

Those bags look beautiful!

3. Label maker
Believe us — this is NOT just for the office. It’s the finishing touch at the end of an organizing journey. It looks polished, projects clarity and allows for anyone to navigate the space better. Sort of the GPS of what-goes-where. (Brother P-Touch Label System)


4. Valet Rod
These retractable rods are like a magical 3rd arm for your closet. It can hold clothes being put away, being narrowed down, or about to be carefully placed in your suitcase. It’s a life saver when it comes to picking out your outfit of the day! Hooks work great too! (Lowe’s)
Ripe for the picking!

Ripe for the picking!

5. Uniform Hangers
Selecting uniform hangers is by far the easiest way to transform a closet from a wild jungle to a perfectly landscaped garden. By using the same hangers, the drop of the garments remains uniform and calming — like a good pruning! (
hello gorgeous!

hello gorgeous!

6. iPhone or Smart Phone
Having so many resources at your finger tips is great. But 3 particular features will support you in everyday challenges:
  •  Use the camera to create a portable bulletin board / reference system. When entering a large store/mall/airport/museum etc take a picture of the map displayed at the entrances for easy reference during your visit.  Enjoying a nice glass of wine, or a particular cheese? Snap a picture of it and add it to a album featuring all of your favorite delectables (makes for easy shopping trips too!). Parking your car somewhere unfamiliar? You’ll never forget where it is with a quick click of your camera.



  • The clock/timer/stopwatch function. Set the timer to remind you of appointments and deadlines. Productivity flourishes without keeping your eyes on a clock! You can also set a timer to avoid pesky parking tickets and refresh your parking meter with a single tap of an app!
  • Personalize ringtones. Assigning a special ringtone is very easy and will alert you to the calls or text messages you really want to take. It’s like having a well trained personal assistant, who knows which calls to put through.
7. Packing Cubes
Packing and unpacking will actually be less daunting, we promise. Need a fresh pair of undies – here they are! It’s as if you travel with your own dresser drawers! Planning to work out on the road? Fill your cube with your gym clothes. Traveling to different climate zones on the same trip? Don’t rummage through the cold weather clothing unless needed. It really is as good as it sounds! (Flight 101 Space Paks)


8. Toiletry Kit
Getting ready for a trip is a busy time. As soon as you think you’re done — there’s always another item you need to pack in. A ready-packed toiletry kit is a welcome “I can cross it off my list” item. We recommend to refill the kit after every trip. Replenish items you used up, and add items you wished you had had with you. Advil, anybody? (Container Store)
No fuss!

No fuss!

9. Garbage and Recycling System
Imagine garbage bins sliding out smoothly from underneath your sink? (Simple Human) Or a sleek bin that opens just by moving your hands over it? (Simple Human again!) The upfront costs can be more then you thought you’d ever spend, but the enjoyment you experience every day will make this soooooo worth it. We know, we just bought this clever system for our home. (Totem Intelligent Home)
Anything but trashy

Anything but trashy

10. Additional Laptop and Cellphone Chargers 
Just do it! Imagine a day without hunting for a charger, kneeling down to find a plug and forgetting to pack it in your briefcase. Have one in each location where you might use it (that includes the car!). And no excuses now when solar chargers are a reality! (
Feel the power!

Feel the power!

Have your own list of go-to organziational items? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you! Email us, tweet us @sylviashipshape or post on our facebook page!

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 9.43.00 AM

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 9.44.03 AM



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