Motivation Matters


We’ve all been there — staring at that pile of clutter in the corner of the room, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to suddenly arise to inspire a quick organizing session. But wait, and wait, and no inspiration seems to come. The sun is shining, the dog needs to be walked, that show you’ve been meaning to watch is waiting for you on your DVR — just a sampling of the things that keep us from getting down to business. But then… the phone rings, a text message beeps, an email arrives in your inbox and BOOM! company is coming over. The pile of clutter stares back at you in fear…

OK mail stack, it’s time to go

Visitors to your home are just one of the many get-going motivations for decluttering your space. Other times it’s a good push from your significant other (read: nag, nag, nag), or a bedroom wall that is need of a good paint job. Perhaps you are hurriedly heading out the door to work and just can’t find that thing you desperately need (hint: it’s probably buried somewhere), or overfilled kitchen cabinets leave your new cookware out to dry for fear of being buried. These are all great reasons to face the music and get organized.

think about what else you can do in that time!!

Speaking of music — once you’ve decided to start a new project, what keeps you going? Studies have shown that listening to upbeat music helps release dopamine in your brain (that feel good chemical we normally reserve for the finer things in life) which ultimately keeps you focused on the task at hand — and makes you feel good while you do it! Whistle while you work indeed!

Aside from a killer fashion sense, those seven dwarfs knew how to pass the time during work!

We recently saw “The Ultimate Cleaning Playlist” posted on Pop Sugar — including hits from some great helpers ranging from Rihanna to Aretha and sure-fire motivational hits from Queen and Journey. Check out their great Spotify list here:

Other ways to stay on task while you pump up these tunes — setting time limits (max out at 2-3 hours at a time), and rewarding yourself when you’re finished (perhaps with more of those dopamine inducing indulgences). Impress your Instagram followers with an awesome “Before and After” photo collection and watch the likes pour in. Who can resist some of that social media adoration?

Show everyone your Pollack to Mondrian style transformation!

Certainly not us — and we’d love to hear what keeps you motivated while you organize. Have your own playlist, or favorite decluttering musical artist? Any other motivational tips? Let us know!  Email us, tweet us @shipshapedotcom or post on our facebook wall! We’d love to hear from you!


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