Conquering The Stuff


We recently saw a great piece on CBS Sunday Morning all about the struggle to declutter. Brave viewers sent in pictures of their cluttered homes, and a few let the pros in for an extra helping hand. Many of the pros offered advice to viewers, giving their best try at simplifying (and destigmatizing) the process. “Clutter is nothing but deferred decisions.” Clutter is a result of “the thrill of the hunt.” Shop smarter! Unstuff your life! And finally: “It’s just stuff.”

While we here at ShipShape are lock in step with our professional organizer brothers and sisters (go team!), we know that some (or most) of the problem in the quest of the great declutter is just getting started. Once you start, you’re knee deep in the throes of organizing and that process can feel endless… hopeless.. did we say endless? So in order to heed the calls of professional organizers everywhere, here is our advice on how to get things started — and keep that motor running!

  1. Don’t compare your style to anyone else’s. It’s all about what works for you. You are the producer, director and actor of your own organizing show.

Move over Joanna Gaines!

2. Pretty is not the goal. Function is what matters. Ask yourself if this will help or hinder getting things done in my daily life.

Adjustments will need to be made #uhoh

3. Getting stuck is part of the process. Be gentle with yourself. Do short sessions – 1-2 hours at most.

A worthy reason to take a break!

4.  Put a monetary value on your space. Storage costs money even if it’s not in an off-site storage unit. Storage is best if it’s 10-15% of your space, or 10-15% of your mortgage/rent.

OK it’s not THAT complicated!

5.  Share your load. Have a friend come over to tackle a closet or desktop. Organizing alone creates a vacuum and can suck the energy out of any project.

I’ll bring the margaritas! #cheers

Whatever method you decide on, just… get… started! You will feel lighter, breathe easier, and delight in your own results. And just in case you lose the will this time, there are always alternatives…

Electric Bill = $0

Just kidding. 🙂

Got your own plan for decluttering? Let us know — tweet us @shipshapedotcom, post on our Facebook page, or drop us a line at We love hearing from you!


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